In the Name of the Rose

Au Nom de la Rose

Since yesterday was such a glorious day in London – I thought I’d kick off with the promise of summers ahead with a much needed post on flowers!

From what I’ve gathered, flowers are a part of everyday life in France. You will find a florist on most street corners and next to essential stalls on busy thoroughfares ie. bread, newspapers, flowers. In Britain, however they are still considered a luxury.

Au Nom de la Rose is a chain of florists founded in Paris in 1991, and house roses of all varieties in their visually stunning stores. They have 53 stores in France alone and beginning with Belgium, Spain, Italy, Russia and Kuwait they are beginning to build a network of stores abroad.

Au Nom de la Rose

Au Nom de la Rose

Although I’m not a lover of chains and much prefer an independent bookstore, coffee-shop or bakery, sometimes it’s good to know what you’re getting and how much you can expect to pay. Au Nom de la Rose are the only florists to practice the same prices all year round, you can see their flat prices on elegant signs dotted around their windows.

I love my local florists, but sometimes I get the feeling, because there aren’t always prices attached to containers, that I am often buying blind and you can end up paying more than intended. Unless you buy a ready made bouquet which you don’t always want to, buying flowers on a budget can often be a daunting process.

I think the Au Nom de la Rose stores are simply charming and really seem to give the impression of an independent florist on your street corner as most stores are franchises.

Along with the French’s passion for beauty in the everyday, the brand also seems to have played a big part in making flowers a part of daily life. Now why don’t we have any in the UK!

Au Nom de la Rose

Author: Rohini Wahi

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