Countdown to New York 1 day to go…The City!!!

Admittedly i have been a bit lazy and pre-occupied to countdown every day…but now the final day is here and i’m so excited!!! I have leaving drinks with dear workfriends tonight and i want to spend the whole evening in revelry with them – but i need to be fresh for my flight at 6am tomorrow morning!

I’m not a sleep on the plane kind of gal – i like to embrace every moment of the journey – early morning airport hubub – my cappuchino to go – my books ready to read on the flight – in flight entertainment (film of choice the Duchess).

Anyway – see you on the other side – i’ve found some beautifully evocative imagery of Manhatten by Cormac Phelan to leave with. Have a great Christmas!






Author: Rohini

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