At the beginning of this year I took part in the launch of a revamp campaign for eBay UK ‘s new bring together pieces they have spotted on eBay. Users can also follow other people — such as expert curators, buyers and sellers from across the community — to get inspiration from their Collections.

I just love this new feature – since the site has largely been a non-visual and practical resource for so long, this is certainly an exciting and pivotal move for Ebay.

You can check out and follow my Collections here!

Ebay Collections


On the hunt for screens and partitions for my project, I came across this striking black carved wooden screen at Moroccan Bazaar. A London based business it is owned by three generations of  a family, sourcing handcrafted furniture and home-ware from Morocco for residential homes, interior designers and hotels like The Four Seasons in Riyadh and Marrakesh. In a landscape of mass-produced collections Cialis Online it was a nice surprise to come across quality pieces with attention to artisan practices.

Carrying a mix of ornate Moroccan lighting and traditional furniture mixed in with contemporary pieces – their contemporary Pewter Tagines and and Safi patterned tableware are contemporary nods to Morocco’s heritage – and my favourite – super pretty tea-glasses in neon hues.


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With a kind of grown-up Urban Outfitters vibe, Ship & Shape is an online handmade store owned by three independent designers in Minneapolis who decided to join forces with their respective talents – jewellery making, graphic design and product design. The shop sells one of a kind, handmade goods that the makers – Erin, Maddy, and Annika each create in their own studios as well as unique goods from chosen artists.

The result is a beautifully curated shop with unusual and on-trend accessories with a care-free aesthetic – you will find – hand-painted terracotta tumblers in bright colour combinations, faceted porcelain hanging decorations, and geometric patterned planters. Buy here and check out their inspiring blog here.









Lately I’ve been noticing a surge of interest in TV and literature about creative entrepreneurs of the past… last year’s visually stunning BBC1 show, The Paradise and ITV’s just launched drama about the flamboyante Mr. Selfridge both follow the endeavors of 19th century entrepreneurs – and of course the newly published historical novel The Potters Hand [we reviewed it here] which chronicles the life and dynasty of Josiah Wedgwood [exciting for the design industry].

With the current climate as it is, there is something so captivating and comforting about delving into a golden age brimming with so much hope and a sea of opportunities. I wanted to share this beautiful game with you that allows you step back to a pioneer age. This engaging 4 minute game from William Morris Gallery allows visitors to the site to make fun and business savvy idecisions for a fledgling [now iconic] Morris and Co.

It begins ‘You are William Morris, It’s 1875 and you have a young family to support. You’re running Morris and Co. You have £120 and four years to make money whilst keeping to your principles’.

You are asked to decide what product you will begin your business with – ceramic tiles? Maybe rolls of cloth, or perhaps embroidery kits? Who will you employ in this first year to strengthen your brand? How will you make your product – by hand or by machine? Play the game Here.

What kind of an entrepreneur were you?





We have a slight obsession in the office with the delicate offerings of online shop Leif curated by Brooklyn designer Stacy Anne Longnenecker. I always feel that if I had a store, i would want it to be simple and sweet like this.

Stacey has the perfect eye for sourcing delicately coloured poetic and affordable home products that are original – which is a hard task in a saturated home market. Her shop is updated often with super sweet and exciting items like sublime grey  Speckled Boulder Mugs, candy coloured Mineral Magnet Sets, unusual Striped Taper Candles, celebratory colourful Tassel Bracelets and sweet porcelain cups in pastel colours. Buy them all – Iwant to!





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