It’s been a pretty full on month in our home on all accounts, winter illnesses all round, lack of sleep, both of us feeling like we haven’t been able to come up for air with work or domestic life to enjoy much of either.

You know when you can’t tell anyone what you have been up to when they ask… or what you have achieved because you are just too burnt out to remember? Well that.

Now I’m not saying watching a video undid all that apathy but when they say its the small things that count. It really is. This evocative video from one of my favourite Indian home-ware brands Good Earth, just transported me away for a wonderful four minutes.


The video highlights their philosophy of ‘Sustainable Luxury’ and shows the making of a block-printed, hand-stitched quilt or ‘razai’ and the delicate nuances that go into the creation of a hand-made item such as this. The measured techniques of the block printers, the steady hands of the sewers, the cathartic washing of the fabric in the shade of the afternoon sun and the visual poetry of an Indian textile studio left me calm and reflective.

Perhaps watching a video of someone making with their hands every day is the modern form of meditation? A virtual way of counting to ten and breathing… I know my creative friends would agree.

You can see other just as inspiring videos from Good Earth here.

GoodEarth2 GoodEarth


October is hands down my favourite month, in my opinion it’s the most definitive transitioning of seasons, in Britain at least – September is still too warm, November already has its foot in winter. There is a thrill in the October air, which resonates with narratives, the promise of spooky happenings, cosy autumnal outings and the cracking of the spines of new books to hunker down with.

For sure the biggest reason October is my favourite month is because of Halloween. To get us into the Halloween spirit in every possible way I have hunted down 10 digital wallpapers for your iphone, ipad and desktop to give your tech a seasonal update!

Click through to the links below the images to download your wallpaper.


Via Tidy Mom

Via Im Breanne Rose

Via The Fox Is Black


Via The Fox is Black


Via Design Love Fest


Via The Fox is Black


Via Whimsey Box


Via  The Fox Is Black

Free People

Via Design Love Fest


Via The Fox is Black


Toronto based artist is an exciting and affordable new addition to her offerings.

Equally beautiful and eccentric like her handmade tiles, the porcelain mugs carry her signature folk-art inspired illustrations. The eye mug has to be my favourite of course…






Rifle Paper Co. is one of my favourite stationery brands. I really love San Francisco illustrator Anna Bond’s vintage style and use of colours, but after buying and giving away every possible variation of greeting card of hers for the last few years, it feels like it’s about time I should have something a little more permanent.

Lucky for me the brand has recently begun producing art prints of their most popular designs, but the ones I think are especially beautiful and encapsulate the magic of Bond’s signature charming style are her new City prints. Depicting naive maps and landmarks of capitol cities around the world, each one has the idealised dreaminess of holiday memories.

From $40 I think they would all make perfect souvenirs from your travels.

NewYork Paris Rome RiodeJaniero LosAngeles London


I wanted to share some amazing graphics I snapped over Easter weekend when I visited the and are all original posters, packaging and books which featured in all the iconic films. They made me feel so full of nostalgia and joy!







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