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New Book! The Making of Home

“In 1900, a young girl in a strange land was asked by a resident why she wasn’t content to remain in their ‘beautiful country’, but instead longed to return to the ‘dry. grey place she came from. She was astonished. She wanted to return there, she said simply, because there was ‘no place like home’ […] Read more…


A New Look for Waterstones!

Earlier this week on my way back from the Heals Modern Craft Market, I walked down the busy main drag of Tottenham Court Road with my eyes darting all about the place as usual – trying to drink in the ever-changing landscape of retail on that side of town. Tottenham Court Road has never quite been […] Read more…


Heals Modern Craft Market 2016

Craft. The interiors magazines, those homely BBC design shows and our favourite high street shops, we just can’t seem to get enough of it –  the way a rough hand-thrown mug feels in our hands and the way a handwoven cushion looks on our sofa… Since I began work in the trends industry many years […] Read more…


Kate Spade Tableware at John Lewis

I’ve been a fan of preppy, whimsical and girly American brand Kate Spade for years now. Known for witty wordings, polka dot patterns and gilded details. Launching on the 15th of March is it’s first super-sweet tableware collection in the UK with John Lewis. I guess what has always attracted me to the brand is […] Read more…


Exit Through The Giftshop : National Maritime Museum

Like most people I love a Museum Shop. A good one is always creatively stocked with well- themed homeware, toys, ‘essentials’ like bottle openers and mugs, artsy prints and a good library for further reading. The National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, which I visited this weekend has one of the best museum shops I have […] Read more…


Spread the Love : Low Prep & Maximum Impact Treats

I love this month, when the internet is awash with crazy, sweet, sugary and silly Valentines ideas. For years now my Valentines weekend has been less about couples stuff and more about spreading the love with baking, decorating my home in hearts and just having a playful cosy time. This year we have an almost two year […] Read more…

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