Ever since I began dreaming about decorating my own space I have been fixated on the idea of curating the perfect picture wall. Isn’t it the ultimate confirmation of a magazine-spread home? The above image is picture perfect from the January issue of Elle Decoration UK.

Technically I’m torn between the notion of a curated wall looking too contrived and it looking visually striking. The visually striking part wins out I guess.

Curating a wall is a daunting task until you break it down into what is worrisome about the process. The scary parts are [1] making all the many pieces work together and [2] the pressure of putting all those nails in your wall and potentially getting it wrong!

I found two simple generally agreed upon tips that calmed my fears and have got me raring to go:

[1] Pick A Unifying Element. Whether it’s subject matter, colour palette, similar coloured frames or similar coloured mountings it’s important that at least 80% of the items you pick stick to the theme. If the rest fall outside the theme it still works and adds interest. The most natural way to curate a wall is to slowly collect the pieces you like and let your taste guide the aesthetic organically. My small collection falls into the inky blues, greys and sepia tones [with maybe a little coral thrown in].

[2] The Brown Paper Method. This is a game changing trick I came across in my research… Roll out a large sheet of brown paper on a large floor area and arrange your frames upon them – once you are happy trace around the frames. Pin the paper to your chosen wall with masking tape and mark where the nails will go – then breathe a sigh of relief!

Here are some of my picture wall inspirations from my Pinterest Boards. Follow me on Pinterest here.

Have a great weekend everyone. I’m planning on getting all my pictures out, assessing them… then putting them away for a little bit longer : )

Has anyone else fared well with a picture wall? Tips gratefully received!











Comment from Sonya
Time Tuesday, February 5th, 2013 20:21 at 8:21 pm

Design mags and their gorgeous spreads always make me dreamy-eyed! In particular, this post is reminding me of the family art and mementos I have yet to frame and hang.

Comment from Rohini:TheBeatThatMyHeartSkipped
Time Wednesday, February 6th, 2013 12:45 at 12:45 pm

All the more reason to get started! Rohini x

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