Oh Geode: A Mineral Trend


No longer relegated to science books and school charts the design world is literally obsessed with Geodes at the moment and so am i! Geodes are partially hollow sparkling crystals and come in many magical colours.  Lately designers are featuring their forms on accessories, furniture, on textile prints and simply as decor. I want to get my hands on some!

Here are my favourite designs… and I love these magical colour palettes from Design Seeds which show all the intricate layers of colour.



Liefshop Trinket Pots


Johnny Rocks dyed Geodes



Geode Necklaces are everywhere…



Designers love the texture and pattern of Geodes so much some are even creating designs that mimic geodges. Elyse Graham showed a breathtaking collection of colourful synthetic versions at New York Design Week.  She layers colourful balloons on top of each other to make unpredictable, beautifully organic shapes.

Elyse Graham

Elyse Graham

I also love the surprising work of paper artist Paige Smith who added sparkle to non-descript Los Angeles’ replacing broken bricks, cracks and holes with sparkling paper geodes!

La Street Art

La Street Art

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