Patriotic Prints: London Life

If there’s ever a weekend to feel a bit patriotic I guess this one’s it!

I stumbled across these witty London inspired posters at indie art collective Evermade. I love this poster Tower Bridge and Beyond by illustrator Henry Billington which shows a steady stream of barges flowing through Tower Bridge. The description reads ” For centuries a vast diversity of river craft have ferried and carried, patrolled and dredged, sustained and pleasured us while The Thames flows eternally along.”


I also love the humorous sentiment of this poster by Hannah Tolson called Wherever, Whenever, We’ll Talk About the Weather which shows Londoner’s wherever they are talking about the weather – which is typically rainy – and the hilarious No Hats Indoors also by Hannah.



And a bustling sunny View of London on a good day by Sam Bevington


3 Comments on Patriotic Prints: London Life

  1. Evelisa
    Tuesday, June 5th, 2012 20:37 at 8:37 pm (4 years ago)

    My favorite poster is the No hats indoors. I love how it has the crown.

  2. Carter and rose
    Monday, June 11th, 2012 12:15 at 12:15 pm (4 years ago)

    Really love both of the Thames posters.

  3. Yeshen
    Thursday, June 28th, 2012 11:09 at 11:09 am (4 years ago)

    these are great! I’ve seen so many prints, too often they are cliched or similar in style but here there’s some original ideas and use of colour. The Thames boat one in particular..

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