Summer makes me feel so much better about life, the early sun means I can get up early and go to bed late and not mind.  I’m sporting a mahogany tan which is far superior to the one I got in India – it seems my skin likes tanning in British sun more than foreign sun.  This is Summer is actually how a great British Summer should be except for maybe that the World Cup is on.

I have no genuine interest in the World Cup as I don’t support football yet I feel the need to watch England games just like everyone else – except the Germany one where I went shopping and enjoyed near personal service in every shop I went to – brilliant. Now I have World Cup, Wimbledon and general sport watching fatigue being one of the boys means I now have to sit around whilst they dissect every match in detail and spend the whole time in the pub looking over your shoulder at something else.

Well at least you can read a book if you aren’t interested,  I have been  lugging War & Peace around for quite some time now as I am deciding it will be my own sporting feat by reading it. Hopefully I will have more success than England.

If you are going on holiday or not you will still want to escape the madness and head to the park in the sunshine and you’ll need a summer read to do so.  This week I have selected for you a couple of brand new releases worth snapping up before the other WAGS do. Lauren x

The Help

The Help – Kathryn Stockett

This book is set in Jackson Mississippi in 1962 and follows the story of 3 women from both white and black backgrounds.  Minny is a black woman with a sassy mouth and wonderful cooking, Aibleen is a black maid raising her seventeenth white child and grieving the death of her own son and Miss Skeeter is a white woman home from college trying to find out where her favourite maid has gone. The three friends push the boundaries of acceptable friendship and this stunning work is really a classic in the making.  This text is old ground but it is so beautifully written you will get caught up in the emotions very quickly.

The Legacy

The Legacy – Katherine Webb

You’d be forgiven for rolling your eyes at a book which starts with the same plot of ‘sisters inherit large stately home and discover long lost family secret’ and this book is in short another one of those. However this book is miles out of any of its counterparts leagues. The characters are absolutely fantastic and the outcome is anything but predictable. The story follows two Sisters Beth and Erica Calcott who inherit their family manor home from their cold grandmother Meredith. They start searching for answers to the disappearance of their cousin Henry who disappeared from the house one summer holiday. Their search weaves back through time and into the Wild West of America following the story of their Great Grandmother Caroline an American heiress.  Beautifully told both historically and as a storyline snap it up for a summer treat.

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[…] I saw The Help this past weekend… a perfect Sunday film watched from under my blanket on the sofa… I loved the sugary sweet set and styling… at such odds to the subject matter, but for that very reason so moving. The film was was just as beautiful and gripping as the book – we reviewed it here this summer. […]

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