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Apologies for going ‘Awol’ last week, the work life and partying balance had gone way out of balance leaving me sobbing into my Weetabix in the morning with tiredness.  Life balance is definitely something I should learn to have more control over now that I am the big 2 and 7 this week and officially in my late 20’s. Late in any walk of life is never good except for maybe when you are fashionably late therefore I am dubbing my new age as the ‘fashionably late 20’s’ – whatever makes you sleep a night I hear you cry.

One thing that is a highlight of my birthday is it gives you ample opportunity to work out who your friends are, those who send the cards, buy you lunch, organize things for you and attend all birthday functions. The mark of a good friend is if you can overcome distance, time apart, petty squabbles and other halves. This week has defo been a game of two halves with friends – those that really should turn up to events and pull out a the last minute citing excuses that, well, to be frank are rubbish, to those who genuinely surprise with gifts and time spent thinking of ways to make your day. You all know who your friends are and what their weaknesses are when you meet them but it can take long time to find out your best friends.

At the weekend two of my good friends got engaged and I am genuinely pleased for them, although impending spinsterhood for myself seems to set of some alarm bells. It seems like sunshine, champagne and crap football brings out the best in people. So this week the column is dedicated to my friends with the top 5 friendship books which remind me of them:

Lauren x

The Three Musketeers

The Three Musketeers

‘All for one and one for all’ has to be the motto of friendship, the first book in the series following the exploits of these four inseperable friends is world famous. Porthos, Athos, Aramis and D’Artagnan have to be the most solid of friends swearing never to cross swords with each other and no matter what the political difference (which in the later books heats up considerably) that friendship and each other come first.

To Kill A Mockingbird

To Kill a Mockingbird

The friendship of Scout, Dill and Jem is stuff that GCSE paper questions are made of and their friendship set against the hot southern summer, racial tensions and depression is a slice of humanity which is played out perfectly against the sad and moving story.

The Body

Stephen King

Part of the four seasons book ‘The Body’ is better known by the film it was made into ‘Stand by me’. The short book tells the story of four school friends who go in search of the body of a missing boy and how friendships bonded at a young age can mean so much they shape your adult life. What seems like a short time to us proves to be an eternity for the boys. As a bonus the four seasons also includes The Shawshank Redemption and Apt Pupil perfect for holiday reading.

The Famous Five

The Famous Five

Oh Enid how you tell them! The series of adventures with five friends are exactly how I wished I had spent my summers growing up. Solving petty crime in the countryside with sandwiches, pop and cakes it may be sickly sweet for some but the friendship factor is a real winner proving you can do anything with some mates and a dog.

The Valley of the Dolls


Unlikely choice you cry but actually the Dolls are pretty much bosom buddies or as close as you can get to them in Starlet-ville. Sure there is a bit of bitching and backstabbing but friendships wins the day on the whole – perhaps read it with a famous five book so that you don’t feel the double edge sword of friendship too much. No doubt just like me you will be transfixed and as Mulberry have just launched a handbag in troublesome Neely O’Hara’s honour you can feel very on trend reading this.

Author: Rohini Wahi

Rohini is a London based freelance journalist and trend forecaster for the design industries. She has worked for Elle Decoration, Living Etc, Houzz and Design Sponge amongst others.

She loves a period drama and keeps a tidy home. Launched in 2007 The Beat That My Heart Skipped focuses on home inspirations, design trends, lifestyle and food – coupled with an insight into Rohini’s work and home life – from key picks at trade shows to styled weekend soirees. To contact Rohini for queries, work for hire or just to say hi drop her a line at

3 Comments on Books for Friends

  1. Morgan
    Wednesday, June 30th, 2010 14:59 at 2:59 pm (8 years ago)

    here here ! to the friends who come to birthday bit!!!

    and also i know what youre feeling like weeping into the weetabix!! working full time is not fun when your trying to have a life too!


  2. Catherine
    Wednesday, June 30th, 2010 23:31 at 11:31 pm (8 years ago)

    The cover of To Kill a Mocking Bird is great. I haven’t seen it for ages but I still love it just as much as I did the first time I saw it (too many) years ago.

  3. Léonie
    Wednesday, July 7th, 2010 06:58 at 6:58 am (8 years ago)

    Ah, Valley of the Dolls, i love that book a little too much maybe! Hope you have the life balance sorted again! Xx

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