El Paulauet

El Paulauet

El Paulauet

I actually really dislike hotels, breathtaking decor aside it bothers me to stay somewhere that is void of the city you’re visiting’s personality and also the city’s people – because really you don’t find many Londoner’s staying in a London hotel… When I travel, I want to feel like I connect with the city, it’s culture and it’s essence.

El Palauet Barcelona, is by all intents and purposes a hotel – there is a private spa, a massage room and a private attendant! I am willing to forget all that however because the ‘hotel’ in actual fact a collection of 6 apartments each grazing 150m2 and can be found on one of Barcelona’s most emblematic streets, Passeig de Gracia.

All the apartments  have terrace views of the Pompeya Monastery and the Tibidabo Mountain [this is breathtaking, I once merely walked up this street and swooned]. In each room the beautiful details and ornamentation of the building are matched by the high-end designer interiors and furnishings.

This kind of experience is certainly the best of both worlds to me – there is warmth and character and charm and soul inside and outside of  El Paulauet’s windows [and what beautiful windows they are].

El Paulauet

El Paulauet

El Paulauet

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