Forty-Sixth at Grace
Image from Forty-Sixth at Grace

This weeks highlights…

– Breaking fast in the gentle British chic Albion cafe in London’s East End.
– We interview the lovely Helena Amourdedieu of quirky PR agency Agence Violette.
– Taking a tour around the multi-patterned Svenskt Tenn in Stockholm and the beautiful Royal Tichelaar Makkum ceramic factory in the Netherlands.
– Visiting the Petit Plat miniatures bakery.
– Pretty illustrations from Gemma Milly.
– An adorable DIY corsage from Craft Editor Cat and guest contributor Make do Mend.
– We discovered the most beautiful lagoon blue ceramics at Studio Pieter Stockmans.
– A magical [as usual] book review from Lauren ‘Of Bees and Mist’ – a tale of feuding families and enchantment.
– The opening of new homewares studio Snug from Domestic Candy in Hanover.
– A wonderful Day With ceramist Karin Eriksson.
– A new eatery in London Pizza East.
– A recipe for Meatballs most Tender from the Salad Club Girls.
– Lovely buildings; a two family light filled apartment overlooking the Nybroviken bay in Stockholm, beautiful holiday apartments overlooking all of Barcelona,


[1] Thinking Of You pack of 12 cards £6.50, Keep Calm Gallery [2] Ceramic Engraved Vase £19.50, M&S [3] Barbar tray £2.99 Ikea


Have you seen Rob Ryan’s new website?? Its so new and exciting, just because it’s so new…and exciting [how shallow am I]! It features all the Rob Ryan stuff you could want all in one place – I know most websites do this, but Rob had a few different sites and blogs running simoultaneously for a while and now it’s all nice and tidy : )

You can browse archives of all his wonderful work over the years, and read his blog and see what’s going on at Ryantown [his bricks and mortar shop] and buy from his Etsy Shop – all wonderfully accompanied by a lovely web design featuring funny birds, colourful bells, fluttering leaves and the occasional key, all courtesy of Mr Rob!


Mr Yen

Since everyone’s abuzz with rumblings of the new Tim Burton Alice In Wonderland film, these papercut bookmarks from Mr Yen are spot on trend. Actually as bookmarks go they are appropriately surreal – a bookmark with words taken from the book that you’re reading, who’s pages you mark with the bookmark about that very book… [are you following?]

These bookmarks exclaim ‘Read me’, with iconic imagery from Alice in Wonderland handcut into thick matt black paper.

Mr Yen

Mr Yen

A couple of weeks ago Rosie and Ellie, the girls at Salad Club, emailed me their wonderful recipe for carrot and ginger muffins, but being the generous girls that they are, they also gave me an extra fabulous recipe for meatballs with an accompanying Bulgar, Carrot and Halloumi salad to boot!

I’m sharing this recipe with you today as I really do think it would be the perfect meal to knock up over this weekend. With the cold wet weather that is still keeping us all in winter mode, the meatballs will be the ultimate comfort food, whilst the salad with its full-on flavours will give a welcome whisper of the warmer climate that I hope is just around the corner. So I’ll leave you in the capable hands of The Salad Club Girls

Salad Club Meatballs

Meatballs most Tender from The Salad Club Girls

These are adapted from the Leon Cookbook and have totally dissolved my fear of making a meatball that bounces under my knife and between my teeth. There’s nothing more off putting than that. It sounds absolutely weird, and I did worry the first time I made these, but adding the milk-soaked pitta really does soften them up. They were lapped up in minutes by the boys at my table and now I can’t stop making them.
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