DIY Vintage Cakestand


Finally a justification for collecting random pieces of tableware! Yipeee!

This sweet and easy DIY by Kira at Tangarang shows you one of the simplest and most fun ways to make use of any miscellaneous crockery and unused vessels you may have lying around [i’ve recently been bullied into giving a huge amount of mine away – no matter now I shall by some more!]. These DIY cakestands would also make an excellent gift for someone, can you imagine how delighted the receiver would be?

It would also be really cool to see these made with more contemporary pieces – like a melamine plate from Supernice. Thanks Kira!

You will need

[1] An array of plates of your choice.
[2] An array of cups/vases/candlesticks to use as bases.
[3] Epoxy resin or a strong adhesive glue.
[4] Tape measure.

Step 1

Pick out plates and bases. I’ve seen candlesticks, vases and teacups all used as bases. I went for a goldish theme and found a bunch of great stuff at my local charity shops.

Step 2

Match plates to bases, remembering that plates should sit stably on the base [with the narrow end of the base touching the plate].

CakeStand DIY

Step 3

Measure the diameter of the underside of the plate to determine its center. Mark the center.

CakeStand DIY

Step 4

Using epoxy resin, adhere plate to base with plate face down.

CakeStand DIY

Step 5

Let dry overnight.

CakeStand DIY

Step 6

Ta Da!


Author: Rohini Wahi

Rohini is a London based freelance journalist and trend forecaster for the design industries. She has worked for Elle Decoration, Living Etc, Houzz and Design Sponge amongst others.

She loves a period drama and keeps a tidy home. Launched in 2007 The Beat That My Heart Skipped focuses on home inspirations, design trends, lifestyle and food – coupled with an insight into Rohini’s work and home life – from key picks at trade shows to styled weekend soirees. To contact Rohini for queries, work for hire or just to say hi drop her a line at

5 Comments on DIY Vintage Cakestand

  1. Morgan
    Tuesday, January 12th, 2010 13:05 at 1:05 pm (12 years ago)

    please add this to my birthday list, you can make me things too you know x

  2. Betty
    Tuesday, January 12th, 2010 13:55 at 1:55 pm (12 years ago)

    Love it. Simple but beautiful.

  3. Rohini
    Tuesday, January 12th, 2010 15:00 at 3:00 pm (12 years ago)

    You’re birthday list is getting pretty long and it’s only January…

  4. Aline
    Tuesday, January 12th, 2010 16:03 at 4:03 pm (12 years ago)

    oh I ‘m going to make some, well, one to start with!

  5. Morgan
    Wednesday, January 13th, 2010 12:42 at 12:42 pm (12 years ago)

    yes that maybe, you’ve got 6months, i was just giving you plenty of notice!

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