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Highlights of this week…

– My Inside Life with Karine Kong of Bodie and Fou.
Victoriana inspired our week ahead.
– The interiors of a stylish B&B in Florence.
– A DIY to creating a cute TV tidy tray.
– Illustration Tuesday, Envelop 2.
– A look at the young designers at IMM cologne.
– Never Kiss A Man in a Canoe book review.
– A Day With Famille Summerbelle.
– An adorable shortbread button recipe.
– The stunning interiors of Kate Hume.
– Lovely buildings; A tiny but perfectly formed townhouse in Clerkenwell, a gentle flat in Stockholm, and a black and white mansion apartment in Belgium.
– Banana and dark chocolate bread recipe from a little guest in Louise’s Kitchen.


[1] Anoko Cushion, £29, John Lewis. [2] Dusted Scorched Almonds £8.95, Liberty [3] Vaken glasses, £3.99, Ikea.

Kate Hume

Kate Hume

Kate Hume is now officially my second favourite interior designer [first of course is Ilse].

Kate has a way with dark interior compositions and manages to make a space dark yet luminous at the same time. Her style is strikingly graphic and her interest in glass is apparent throughout all of her interiors, shining out like jewels against dark backgrounds.

Kate Hume

Kate Hume

Kate Hume

Kate HumeKate Hume

Kate Hume

Kate HumeKate Hume

Kate Hume



This week I am proud to introduce our youngest contributor to date, my daughter Lily Biba Gorrod [age 4 ¾].

If there are two food items I feel I am constantly buying it’s bread and banana’s. With packed lunches five days a week, a loaf of bread doesn’t hang around long, but bananas; well lets just say my two children are like little monkey’s! However Lily can be quite fussy where blemishes are concerned. If a banana shows any signs of bruising she will refuse to eat it. Well that was fine, Arthur doesn’t mind the odd bruise, particularly once it has been pureed. But now she has other plans for bruised bananas. She has learnt that if they start to go brown they are the perfect ingredient for banana bread – very canny eh!

We have lots of banana bread recipes, some plain and to the point, some studded with raisins soaked in whisky, a recipe with the addition of cherries and this recipe with dark chocolate. So after a little thought, Lily decided that sharing this recipe would be a nice thing to do, so other children could make it with their mummy’s [or daddy’s] and have it in their lunch boxes too. It’s a great recipe for children as there is lots of mixing, whisking and mashing involved.

This cake is called ‘bread’ simply because it is baked in loaf tin. However it is delicious toasted and buttered as a breakfast treat. Today, we are invited into ‘Lily’s Kitchen’…
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