Please forgive me – i have been busying myself organising for the trip of a lifetime. I am off to Las Vegas tomorrow then to LA and a long drive up the PCH to San Francisco. We hope to come back adventure worn and changed as people. I will try my best to share this journey with you.

I leave you with a hasty goodbye and a glimpse into my last few days in London…

The start of the London Design festival – a walk over Battersea Bridge.


Peering at vegetables tucked up for the night in Borough Market.


A secret society looking soiree that looked like something i’d like to have been a part of in Borough Market. What is this place? Anyone?


Boring looking, but tasty tasting comfort food on a cool day – lemon, garlic and onion rice with oodles of olive oil.


A peek into my ‘spring cleaned’ clutter cupboard.


Do you ever click a link while browsing the internet and find you’ve spent half an hour sidetracked with it? I was just researching home makeovers and came across this site about a young American couple and their home renovations…such an interesting read and great before and after pictures. What a clever couple…


Usually such a clean living person you will most of the time find my home minimal and clutter free. However this sneaky season has curled itself under my front door, made its way into every room, cast its cold winter light and left me and my possessions bedraggled!

Look at the piles of crockery and cutlery on the drainer and abandoned tea mugs in the sink…Oh-my – see my usual military smooth bed – now sleepy and tousled, re-united with its colourful winter friend. Goodness, my well organised bookshelf piled with new additions crammed in here and there. Naughty!




…that I want…every so often I have an Ikea craving and Autumn is bringing out my nesting instincts,

Smarta serving bowl. I love the idea of digging deep in this vessel with a big ladle.

Serving Bowl

Grill pan. Few people get excited by a grill pan, but this looks so heavy and industrial to cook with I am enamoured. From the appropriately titled Favorit range.

Grill Pan

Karlstad cushion. I’m not a cushion girl (and this one is shot fairly badly to look more like a sausage than a cushion) but it is neutral and cheerful and would sit perfectly on my grey sofa.




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