It feels like I’ve been gone for ever but i’ve had the most wonderful few days…

On Thursday Ciara and I went to see Peter Pan at Kensington Gardens. The Kensington Gardens are of course where JM Barrie met the Lewellyn boys – his inspiration for Peter Pan, where the story was set and in the surrounding areas where Barrie lived. The theatre was inside a huge Circus-like tent in the middle of the park, there were seating areas under fabric canopies, a quaint bar and hot food. I felt like I had gone back in time – there was even an old telescope pointing up at the sky for people to gaze up at potential magical goings on! Best of all the theatre was round and the surrounding circus canopy was a special CGI screen with 360° views of London and Neverland. So when the children flew, we flew with them, over Kensington Gardens, St Pauls, the Thames, all the way to Neverland. Breathtakingly magical. (my phone images are a bit poor quality but hopefully you can see Peter Pan hovering in the Darling’s nursery).

Kensington Gdns

Kensington Gdns

Kensington Gdns

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