Back home yesterday from Calcutta. Humid, sleepy, magical Calcutta, where I ate the sweetest fruits for breakfast every day and everywhere I looked, someone was sleeping…

Good to be home though in my own flat and own bed. Wish I could still read and sleep and eat all day though…oh well, back to work. Hard to concentrate as I feel like i’ve bought the Indian Summer home with me – its so warm here we have a fan on all day.




Whiling away the days…


Palatial heritage architecture


High Tea at the Taj Bengal


Inside the Taj Bengal


Late night Momos!


Finslly here! An 8 hour flight to bright lights Mumbai and a midnight till 6am wait, then another 3 hours to tropical Kolkatta to surprise my grandmother! She was so happy and surprised to see me – it made the whole journey worthwhile! My body clock is totally messed up, I don’t kinow what time of day it is – but i’m happy!

Her apartment is lovely and airy as usual though outside its so hot. We had a juicy king prawn curry for lunch and we snoozed and chatted on her big bed in the afternoon. Then tea and cakes on the balcony when the sun started going down! : )

More food updates later!





As you read this, I am up in the air, soaring above the clouds and heading to exotic climes. I cannot as yet tell you where, for it is a secret! The only clues I can give are these collages below that tell you of the treasures that await me…perhaps I shall reveal all next week… xoxo

Gracia Louise

Gracia Louise



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