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Went to pay a long overdue visit to my friend Pia Stanchina and her gorgeous baby Mira today, who literally is the coolest, most chilled baby ever. And I can tell she’s going to be a funny one! Mind-blowing how at just 5 months, a baby can totally radiate individuality. Pia and I were talking about how long humans take to grow and learn, compared to animals who just get up and go the second they are born…but I guess that’s why humans are such complex characters, and you can tell by Mira’s gaze that she’s got it all going on. Wierd, i really liked her as a person, is that strange because she’s a baby? I wana be her friend!

Anyway I digress…Pia graduated last year from Central St Martins with a degree in fashion and has just started her own label. Her work is just breathtaking and ethereal. I couldn’t even imagine being able to take what she has created from concept to completion…it’s so otherworldly. Check out this beautiful shoot showcasing her work, all styled by the clever Pia. More info to come on the photographer…

Digitally printed 100% natural silk organza top.


Handsewn 100% natural silk gazar coat, with digitally printed 100% natural silk organza petals hand-embroidered.


100% natural fibers draped jersey t-shirt and Digitally printed 100% natural silk organza and gazar skirt.


Digitally printed 100% natural silk organza and gazar tunic.

Author: Rohini

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