At one time I was obsessed with well illustrated band posters. I have a penchant for illustration anyway, but my need to be tidy and minimal in my home has seemed to take over, so artwork is now mostly reserved to stay within the pages of well thumbed hardback books. I stumbled across some amazing Flight of the Conchords artwork on OMG Posters. This one is my favourite by Daniel Danger.


Last night I made baked Aubergine with Mozarella, Tomatoes, Chilli and Parmezan with pine nuts and risotto. With fresh summers vegetables from the grocers it was yummy! Dave had band practice and for once I didn’t have anything to do, everything on TV was either rubbish or too scary to watch on my own and the book I’m reading is also pretty scary…I know I’m a wimp. I wish I had the Discovery or History Channel…I feel ill informed of late…


What’s going on with the weather? Has Global warming replicated Monsoon season in Britain? It’ scary but so beautiful. The nights are humid and long lasting and the days are cosy and lush. Makes me want to be in Calcutta like I was this time last year. With rainwater squelching in my sandals and running from cars to cafes and shops to restaurants, then finally home to the most beautiful haven in Calcutta. Wish I was there now…



Sorry I haven’t written since Thurs – I was having too good a weekend! It was David’s bithday today so we had a whole weekend of food and fun…



Hibachi lunch at Benihana


Victoria Sponge ‘Sharky’ cake


Drinks at Cargo


An outdoors lunch…

Back from the Habitat preview and it was amaaaaaazing as usual. Some stunning new pieces by great designers, very exciting stuff. Their concept this season was to take elements of fashionable city flats from across the globe, New York, Paris, Norway – so basically stylish capsule living, and incorporate it into their collection. Every sofa or chaise folded out to reveal a bed, and Paula Navone’s new streamlined take of a 3 piece suite fitted in perfectly into small spaces.

Paula Navone’s seating below…

Paula Navone

Beautiful matt black Utensils also by Paula Navone


Cute cute Japanese dinnerware by Paula Navone – great to have some of her products within an affordable brand such as Habitat.

Paula Navone

Some great lighting along with mini versions of Habitat’s Ribbon Lights. Also – amazing statement rug!

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