During the inauguration and it’s surrounding days, the Domino Mag Blog speculated on how the new first family would re-decorate. Domino celebrated by releasing imagery of past White House interiors, specifically the influences of first lady’s Jackie Kennedy and Nancy Reagan on individual rooms – it’s so fun to compare their different styles, which are still so relevant today.

Third Floor Library





Dressing Rooms





The Oval Room





And my favourite rooms below…I love them both!

Jackie’s Master Sitting Room


Turned into Nancy’s Office


Who’s your most stylish first lady…


Sharon Montrose is a portrait photograper and her simple, beautiful style is really evocative. She photographs, pets, kids and ‘other animals’. I can’t take my eyes off her photographs of birds – all her portraits are shot against the same simple background which lends a painterly effect. I love the details and patterns in their feathers. The flappy grey goose is so pretty!




There is no denying it, next week our feet will be firmly placed into Spring, no excuses. Get out your lightweight Macs, a jaunty hat, perhaps even don a pump or two? Ok maybe the jaunty hat takes it too far…especially considering the random April showers we’ve been having : (

On the last Sunday of March i am:

*Watering my plants

*Making a list for my shoot on Monday

*Going to the pub for a late Sunday Lunch. (I hope it’s raining outside)

*Catching up on 90210

*Planning on watching ‘The Happening’ with Dave


I am literally in ecstasy. I may be a bit slow to catch on to this, but I have just discovered a system called Google Reader. Anyone can use this, but I am especially overjoyed because as a Gmail account holder of many years, Google Reader appears on my Gmail dashboard next to my Mail, and Calender tabs.

Google Reader lets you add as many blogs, news sites, anything with regular updates to your account and each morning when you open up, feeds you updated posts from your favourite sites. No clicking, no navigating, just a long morning read to wake up with and a large cup of Jo!

This Saturday morning I am happily spending my morning in bed with my laptop and a pot of coffee beside me, catching up on blog surfing and i’m not getting out till 12! Ahh the simplicty of life.


Yesterday, David’s back was giving him trouble so we went for a long walk around Epping Forest. Now, I am not a nature gal and get pretty irritable if a long walk doesn’t involve a pavement and coffee shops – there’s just something about endless hills and too much grass that tires me out. I like the idea of nature and parks, but something about having to walk on natural terrain just turns me into a bitching, whining, feet dragging four-year old. I guess it feels like a ‘hike’ to me, which is not my scene.

Anyway, strangely I enjoyed the bits that involved jumping over muddy squelchy patches and negotiating ditches (hmm again perverse behaviour reserved for small children). I also liked the watery bits in the woods. We sat and ate salt beef sandwiches and drank apple juice, then I found a pretty stick and we went home : )







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