I’m fascinated with the handmade, craft trends that are prevalent in the interior design world in the States – things found on Etsy and independent design stores, vintage inspired products and crafty goods are available in abundance. We really have nothing similar, or easily accessable in the UK – so i set myself a task of  hunting for British creations of the same ilk to see what i could come up with…it wasn’t easy…

Jo Heckett creates beautiful and imperfect ceramic keepsakes. I love her ‘Mr and Mrs’ magnets from £19 for a set – (‘Mr and Mr’ shown here). She also makes candy coloured ‘Kisses in a box’ just £5 for a kiss- such an original idea! Also great are her Wedding Favours and Greetings Pegs they come in a choice of coloured and glazes.

Jo Heckett


Showpony produces pretty and reasonably priced printed accessories and home products. I can’t believe these Vintage Shoppers are just £12! What a great gift. Also check out their vintage purses and wheat and lavender cosies.

Shoppony Bag

Mr.PS has similar stuff…Yummy Tea Towels £8.50 and unique jigsaw brooches.

Yummy Tea Towel

Lusummers has some nice fabric based products too – i love her Alphabetty Screen Print Fabrics, Avenue and Weave Buttons and whimsical Avenue Fabric sketchbooks.


Paperleaf sells handmade stationary. These screen printed bird tags are so pretty i don’t think i could ever write on them. £1.80 for 5.


Asking for Trouble is a cute brand that produces charming handmade stationary inspired by Japanese and vintage prints. Vintage Buttons Badge set is shown below at £3 for a set of four, and their Gocco print book hearts would make such a unique gift and their I love buttons drawstring bag completes the set!

Asking for Trouble

Maisie and Munch’s vintage inspired brooches are so playful – made from scrabble tiles they are perfect for adorning your coat lapel, bag or cardigan. Also see I Love Tea and I Love Boys! £4.50 each.


Hanne Rysgard produces the prettiest ceramic pieces in unashamedly girlie styles, milk cartons slipcast in porcelain from £36, adorable porcelain tiffins, and my favourite (below) ceramic brooches which are lovely to the touch.


I was really excited about the discovery of Lollipop Designs as this is just the modern sensibility of design i love in the States – crafty, design led and graphic. My personal favourite are these very cool paperweights (below) at £13.50 and they even offer a bespoke service for monogrammes etc. Also see their stamper cards which allows you to personalise your cards with quirky wooden stamps.



Author: Rohini

2 Comments on Handmade

  1. Aline
    Tuesday, February 17th, 2009 21:29 at 9:29 pm (11 years ago)

    Love the Showpony vintage shoppers, but I think £ 12 is expensive for what it is, a plain cotton bag with a print on it….

  2. Studio M.M.E.
    Tuesday, April 28th, 2009 00:22 at 12:22 am (11 years ago)

    This is a gorgeous website! Great featured artists! Thanks so much for supporting us handmade crafters! We really appreciate it.

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