So after all those sweet nothings I whispered in your ear last night (sugared mice, pear drops, cosy trad sweet shops) this morning i turned a corner. French Toast! Does this mean its spring?


Ok, I dont know what’s wrong with me but I have a reeeeeal sweet tooth lately, cakes, sweets, pancakes, maple syrup, gummies… I’ve also been working on an inspirational Design Guide for London which has led me to discover so many wondrous places in the city, especially lots of old fashioned sweet shops all over London! Check out Suck and Chew, Mrs Kibbles Old Sweet Shoppe, and Hope and Greenwood

I want, pear drops, sherbet pips, flying saucers and bon bons, cola cubes, candy necklaces, dib dabs, popping candy and sugared mice!!! Gimme!




I forgot to mention, my styling work is now up on my agents site at Refresh! So exciting!

Oh we watched a wonderful film last night called Man on Wire about eccentric Phillip Petit! (what a sweet name)

Born into a middle-class French family in 1949, Philippe Petit taught himself magic, juggling and high-wire walking while still a child. At sixteen he began to travel the world as a street juggler. He has performed illegal high-wire walks between the towers of Notre Dame, the twin towers of the World Trade Center, and the northern pylons of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The documentary was about him sneaking into the Twin Towers when it was first being built and planning the tightrope walk. It was a wonderful film about what people will do to achieve what they believe in. Really inspirational, I would recommend everyone watch it – strangely life affirming.

The second image is of another one of Petit’s walks at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in 1982




I am loving Slumdog fashionista Freida Pinto’s girly summery outfits during Oscar season- so pretty! I especially love the pink Oscar De La Renta, like candy floss – she looks like she’s in an old Chanel Ad.

picture-14 picture-7 picture-111



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