Ashes and Milk…what a beautiful coupling of words…i recently spoke to Nikko the owner of this unique online gallery and she told me the name ‘Ashes and Milk’ emerged from her love of texture and natural materials. Ashes consist of dusty fine particles of grey and black while milk is creamy white and liquid. Symbolically ashes represent the end of something while milk represents new life.

Her online gallery reflects artists and work that mirrors these organic qualities. I love the design of her site, it reminds me of hours spent as a child exploring a bohemian aunts dressing table, fingering semi-precious stone necklaces, and running my hands over trinkets, opening its wooden drawers and discovering mementos.

Some beauties i’m dreaming of arranging on my own dresser are Helen Beard’s porcelain bird cups, Yosinori Yamamoto’sbeautiful clay egg shell bowls, Yoran Morvant’s intricate patterned stones, and Mori Kawa’s laquered bamboo spoons.


I am more excited than is healthy to discover these moustache pencils by French company Atypyk! At 9.50 Euros… Je t’aime! Je ‘taime! Je ‘taime!

How often have you held a pencil up under your nose and pretended it was a moustache????

Just me then…


Yesterday was the sunniest day EVER!!!! Which would have been nice on any other day… but i was shooting with my friend Aaron Tilley in Fandango which is right in the corner of a busy street in Angel and there were no blinds or any shade to hide behind – it was like a greenhouse! The shop is usually used as a showroom so all the space is, is a funny triangle shape…which looked really good as a shot but sooooo hard to negotiate round and clear things from one end of the room to another. Still fun though – and the images turned out to be really good (you can see them in the April issue of Spaces).






Do you ever feel that way when you see the PERFECT dress…or two…or three??? Wow i am in love with Thread Social’s Summer 2009 collection. The cuts and lines are so sculptural and graceful they are works of art in their own right, i love the coral orange details which give the subtle tones a punky edge (or maybe what i need isn’t those dresses but those legs!).

j154336 j153351



Today was a drizzly day in Wanstead, my mum and her friend Carol came to visit for lunch. I live right on our high street so we scuttled to The Cuckfield across the road for lunch (which does the best roasts on weekends and has the sweetest garden open in the summer serving BBQ’ed food and Strawberry beer).

After lunch we stopped by at our local delicatessen – The Larder (which is literally a larder, with shelves stacked to the brim with biscuits, wine, cheese, beer, pastas etc) for gooooood coffee and to stock up on organic snacky provisions. Whenever we have people over for lunch on a weekend we splash out on a tasty dessert from there. Our favourite are their home made chocolate covered nougat squares with all sorts of other wonderous surprises inside…at £3.50 a square its a luxury but worth it!

Larder Bread

The Larder

The Larder

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