Countdown to New York 18 days to go…Dean & Deluca

We are off to New York for a festive family Christmas on the 18th of December!!!! I was meant to start my countdown yesterday but i got too involved in Jane Austen week (see last post)! I will post the second day of countdown in real time later today.

For every countdown day i am going to post an image/a shop/an area/a product that symbolises New York for me!

Naturally the first evocation must come from the gloriously ‘New Yoik’ foodie hangout Dean and Deluca on Broadway and Prince in Soho.

In the early days, Joel Dean and Giorgio DeLuca traipsed around the world to find artisan-produced foods that pleased their customers, and not to mention themselves! They wanted products that fired their imaginations, challenged their tastes and turned dinner into a creative exercise.

Giorgio and Joel’s dream of a place that would offer customers a sumptuous celebration of food, a place to experience all of the pleasures that cooking and eating can bring, the original DEAN & DELUCA, opened for business in September 1977 in Soho. Artist and founding partner Jack Ceglic designed the original store to evoke a turn of the century food department, with high ceiling fans spinning over a vast array of products that lined the high, white walls. Joel Dean and Giorgio DeLuca searched for handcrafted products and artisan foods and imported their discoveries into their enchanting emporium. On display was a staggering variety of produce and foodstuffs, including many never previously sold in this country

To this day i feel the store in Soho particularly embodies the excitement of that turn of the century venture; the grand industrial building, the glorious good food and treats, the atmosphere, the smell of coffee brewing in the morning…

Check out the store tour for my favourite Dean and Deluca in Soho.





Author: Rohini

2 Comments on Countdown to New York 18 days to go…Dean & Deluca

  1. Debraj Ray
    Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008 19:28 at 7:28 pm (12 years ago)

    Will there be a special post on that most wonderful of your New York attractions, the Mamu?

  2. antiqueystar
    Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008 19:52 at 7:52 pm (12 years ago)

    Doubtful!!! xxx

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