Each time i see this home in Mumbai i fall more in love with it – the decor hasnt changed since it was first decorated 50 years ago and it still feels so fresh and on trend. Amazing! I especially love the floor!

I am in India during the Monsoon, it is so beautiful. The air is warm and the rain wont stop – it has made everything so green. I took this picture by accident by the sea in Mumbai – it was one of those times when your camera does something funny with the light (it was actually quite bright) but it came out looking like a watercolour painting or a photo of Paris by Atget. I love it.




What could be cooler than art you love on your wall in the form of wallpaper? Rollout digitally prints art of your choice onto wallpaper and has a standard collection of wallpapers designed by artists and industry leading designers – i was overjoyed to find this one by one of my favourite illustrators by Julie Morstad! This is intriguingly called Coral with Eyeflowers

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