I love the use of birds in interiors, and so this 4L table by Sam Johnson has always been on my ultimate wish-list. The graceful swallows are laser cut into the walnut and sycamore table top – revealing the layers of wood underneath.



Japanese artist Rinko Kawauchi captures in her photographs the beauty of ordinary moments which we often ignore. Kawauchi has become one of the most celebrated Japanese photographers of her generation, her images capturing simple serenity and infinite sublimity in one instance.

My favourites are the eggs…






I have always loved this collection of tableware by Toord Boontje, each plate is based on a fairytale…





French interior boutique Ibride, (meaning hybrid) is officially my new all time inspiration! From its gothic-ly sublime multifaceted website, its bohemian philosophy and most of all its quirky almost melancholy products. Aside from the above collection of trays which can also double as wall ornaments, Ibride stock whimsical consoles with legs shaped like a deer and ostrich!


I’m loving this spindly illustrated ‘Midnight rug’ by US based company Twinkle Living. Generally I’m not a rug kinda gal but these are too cool for school…Deer Silhouette Rug and Lilac Deer Head.

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