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Highlights from Grow London 2016

Grow London 201608

Although a fairly new show to the design scene Grow London has come to underpin the beginning of summer for me. A contemporary garden show located on beautiful Hampstead Heath the show features over 100 exhibitors related to outdoor lifestyle. There are always great new brands to see, decor ideas to steal and trends to spot. Here are a few of my highlights from the show – curated with the help of my trusty very small assistant!

Grow London

Maude and Mabel are a gorgeous Hampstead based lifestyle store specialising in poetic ceramics and lifestyle accessories. Think glorious matte finishes, lovely loopy handles and unusual charcoal black and indigo vessels.


This Season’s 10 Must Have Homewares

Each changing season in her home my grandmother would take stock of her furnishings – a wall dulled in colour, chipped crockery or any frayed edges and add it to her list. She would pick out new fabrics for curtains, change dark winter slip-covers on her seats for bright cream linens and refresh that wall with […] Read more…


Live Workshops from Mud Australia

Mud Australia is a name any die-hard ceramics buff needs to know. I’ve been a fan of them for a few years now – discovering their delicate candy hued vessels when researching innovating design brands for clients. Their ceramics combine a delicate minimalist aesthetic with artisan finishes – they are a pretty big deal in Australia. […] Read more…


Modern Magic at Versailles by Olafar Elliasson

Whilst we are dreaming about 17th century Versailles – something entirely magical is happening in 21st century Versailles. Each year the Palace (of Versailles) holds an exhibition on its grounds by a major contemporary artist – this year Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson – best known for bringing a colossal sun into Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall for […] Read more…


New Show! BBC 2 Versailles

Versailles anyone? Based on life in the French Court during Louis XIV’s reign and his strategy for strengthening his hold on the country by the moving of political stronghold from Paris to the then tiny village of Versailles. The show’s luscious production reportedly cost 20 million, was partly shot in shot in the staterooms, bedrooms and gardens […] Read more…


Impressionist Nina Campbell Espresso Cups

Last night I watched the new BBC series Handmade By Royal Appointment – a behind the scenes look at the great pottery institution that is Wedgwood. It made me appreciate the delicacy of working with porcelain and the care that goes into it. Seemingly following my train of thought a set of new espresso cups from Nina Campbell […] Read more…


Feeling Good in London: The Royal Festival Hall Shop

In between working on my fledgling brand, freelance work, running a household (yes a modern woman can be proud to do that too) and raising a precocious two year old i’ve had little or no time for this blog. Gaps of life in-between have been sandwiched with early morning jaunts around London with Aarya to clear […] Read more…


Not on The High Street takes over Spitalfields

From the moment Not on The High Street opened their virtual doors in 2006 they have done a pretty great job of transforming the online gifting market from the dubiously personalised and bland offerings we had to endure to an inspiring and engaging place to shop for gifts. I certainly know I get excited when […] Read more…


New Book! The Making of Home

“In 1900, a young girl in a strange land was asked by a resident why she wasn’t content to remain in their ‘beautiful country’, but instead longed to return to the ‘dry. grey place she came from. She was astonished. She wanted to return there, she said simply, because there was ‘no place like home’ […] Read more…


Indoor Weekend Activity : The Barbican Conservatory

This Easter weekend isn’t looking as sunny as we all had planned – but as a Londoner well-versed to seasonal disappointments I have a well thumbed and visited list of indoor activities at my disposal! Last Sunday finding myself very alone with a toddler due to Dave’s delayed flight from San Francisco (we were hoping to […] Read more…


Inspiring Eaterie: La Porte Des Indes

Earlier this month on Mother’s Day weekend we made a trip to an old family haunt of ours in Marylebone. Originally we had plans to have lunch somewhere not worth much of a mention locally but like out of a dream this place sprung from the depths of my memory. Memories of long languorous family […] Read more…

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