Your Christmas Your Rules : Chandelier Wreath DIY

A few months ago I took part in one of the most exciting opportunities of my career to date – the new ‘Your Christmas Your Rules’ campaign for House of Fraser which allowed me to play out my Martha Stewart crafting fantasies.

The festive campaign inspires customers with a host of different style options for Christmas and I was asked to collaborate on decorating tips that encouraged shoppers to throw out the rule book this Christmas. With the help of some amazing hair and makeup artists [my first experience of this and it was divine] and talented stylist Amanda Koster who I used to assist at one time and was so honoured to be working alongside – we created a beautiful and oh-so-christmassy DIY video that I am so very proud of.

You can see me creating a showstopper centrepiece with a Christmas Chandelier Wreath in the video below and you can read the rest of my tips here. Happy crafting!


Rainy Day Salvation : Groovy Magnets

Life has never been more divided into ‘indoor weather’ and ‘outdoor weather’ than it is now I have a toddler. It feels like it has been raining for months and the reality of staying indoors for an entire day with my darling girl is just not what it used to be… The day begins perfectly calmly, Aarya […] Read more…


10 Interiors Inspired Halloween Instagrams

You all know i love me a bit of witchy! I’ve been following a few great spooky Instagram accounts for a while from all over the globe – allowing me to indulge in an October vibe all year round. Here are my must follows… expect plenty of references to Practical Magic, Buffy, creepy thrift shop finds, pagan musings, […] Read more…


Scandinavian Style at M&S

As the nights draw in quicker each day and we hurry home to hunker down for the evenings, we might consider taking our cue from the Scandinavians who use clean silhouettes and lighter tones to combat the darkness. Anyone who reads my blog regularly will know I have a very soft spot for high street homewares […] Read more…


Must See: The Fabric of India

London has been abuzz with the newest and grandest opening at the V&A Museum this month  – The Fabric of India – the first major exhibition to explore the dynamic and multifaceted world of handmade textiles from India from the 3rd to the 21st century. A succession of celebrations have marked the opening of the […] Read more…


Baby Travel Style: The Essentials

Taking the Ikea Ferry across to Red Hook with our Ergo Baby 360 Prior to our big family trip to the US – I had conducted extensive research on what would make life easier when travelling with a baby – especially on the kind we were embarking on. I am a firm and possibly naive believer […] Read more…


Murmur by Bedeck : A Cosy Collection for Winter

A work colleague from California once came to visit the London office that I was working in at the time. We spent the week showing her around and getting to know each other, we swapped life stories and chattered away about general topics with the conversation often turning back to TV shows that everyone was currently enjoying. A […] Read more…


Holding onto Summer: Aperol Spritz Recipe

With what is set to be the last ‘bare legs’ weekend in London I’m determined to hold onto an essence of summer by serving up my favourite summer cocktail. My absolute go-to drink this sunny season has been the super simple to make yet impressive to serve – chilled, sweet and dry Aperol Spritz. Borne in post war Padua, […] Read more…


New Book! The Crafted Garden

I hardly dare say it, but I can feel the cosy tendrils of Autumn creeping up on us… And with the season brings occasion to hunker down at home and craft. And with this new book brings occasion to craft with flowers… The Crafted Garden by Louise Curley landed on my desk this week promising the wholesome […] Read more…


The Influence of Danish Design

With London design festival just around round the corner and the whole industry about to dive gloriously into a celebration of excellent design, it’s sometimes nice to brush up on a bit of design history. While housed under one umbrella concept, characteristics of Scandinavian design vary between countries. Reflecting the country’s seafaring heritage Danish Design […] Read more…

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